Universal filling machine NV- 04/s/s


Die The filling machine NV-04/s is suitable for the filling of liquid chemical and pharmaceutical products with different viscosity and causing foaming. Various bottles or containers made of plastics, metal or glass can be filled while the adjustment for each bottle or liquid type is handled easily and quickly.

The filling machine NV-04/s is applicable for the filling of different highly aggressive, toxic and easily inflammable liquid products especially into very flexible and thin-sided bottles not easy to seal up that are made of glass or plastics.

The filling machine NV-04/s is manufactured in an explosion proof design made of plastics.

Technical data:

Operation: 1 person
Filling capacity up to 800 litres per hour
Number of nozzles: 4 pieces
Volume of bottles: 500 to 5.000 ml
Gauge pressure of the liquid: up to 0,8 bar
Air consumption: 1 m²/h at 0,4 bar
Sound level: < 60 dB
Size (l × w × h): 830mm x 830mm x 2420mm
Weight: 112 kg

Type of construction and technology:

The filling machine is almost completely made of stainless steel AISI-316, HDPE-EL and high-grade plastics like PFA, PVDF, PTFE. All parts and components made of HDPE-EL are conductive.

All machine parts with contact to the liquid are made out of PFA, PVDF and PTFE (V4A). All sealing are made of PFA/Viton and PTFE. The vacuum hoses are made of PFA. Some parts made of steel AISI-316 are coated with a conductive plastic (ATEX).

The new JK dosage system is easy to operate. It ensures more hygiene and is also easy to clean. All available standard and commercial parts correspond to the European DIN standard.

Functional description:

The bottles are to be inserted manually under the dosage cylinders on the supporting strip that is adjustable in height.

First the liquidity flows to the dosage cylinder by under pressure. After the cylinders are filled, the liquidity flows into the bottles by activating a lever.

The filling quantity is infinitely adjustable.