Junior FR

Semiautomatic applicator for flat or round packings

Junior FR is a fast and precise working applicator that applies self-adhesive labels on packings of various shapes. There can be one or more labels be attached on one packing. Junior FR is an all-purpose machine because of its flexible design and wide range of accessories.

The optimum efficiency is warranted if the required capacity does not exceed 1,000-8,000 labels per hour (depending on packing size) and if the number of packings to be labeled is more than 100 pieces.

Junior FR does not require any special skills from the operating personal.



  • JUNIOR F for flat packings (enables labeling on both sides of the packing)
  • JUNIOR R for round packings (one or two labels on the circumfence)

Technical data:

Label width: max. 96 mm (option: 56 or 216 mm)
Label length: max. 300 mm
Label application speed: 8-25 m / min
Drive – step motors: Berger SCHNEIDER 6.5 Nm, 55 m / min
Label application accuracy: 0,6 mm
Label spool diameter: 40-76 / 300 mm
Controller: Microprocessor based
Label detector type: Thickness detector
Product detector type: Optical (reflecting)
Supply voltage: 230 V / 50-60 Hz, 0,2 KW
Weight: 17 kg
Capacity: approx. 1,800 labels / h