Label applicator for thermally shaped packing, cups and lids

Denkolot is a unique machine that applies single labels on the top of lids. They are supplied to the feeder in staples. After the process the lids are collected in the receiver also in staples.

We offer custom tools for various packing shapes and sizes. The labeling capacity is 4,500 to 5,500 units/h, depending on the packing type and size.

Technical data:

Label width: max. 96 mm (options: 156 or 216 mm)
Label length: max. 180 mm
Label application speed: max. 55 m / min
Drive – step motor: Berger SCHNEIDER 6,5 Nm, 55 m / min
Feeder drive, receiver drive: BOSCH, DC, power: 120 W
Main conveyor drive: Three-phase motors: BESEL / Motovario
Label application accuracy: 0,6 mm
Label spool diameter: 40-76 / 300 mm
Controller: Microprocessor based
Label detector type: Thickness detector
Product detector type: Optical (reflecting)
Conveyor length: 1.400 mm
Conveyor width: 160 mm
Conveyor operating speed: 13 m / min
Supply voltage: 380 V / 50-60 Hz, 0,8 KW
Weight: 340 kg
Capacity: approx. 5,500 labels / h