Mini proportioning machine AA1


The mini proportioning machine AA1 is a table model designed for the filling of liquid products into different small bottles made out of glass or plastic. The machine is suitable especially for the filling of ampules used in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry but as well for small sample and commercial bottles with a volume of 1 ml and more for the food- and cosmetic industry. Furthermore, the filling machine AA1 may be used for liquidities that have a tendency to cause foaming and for liquidities with a high viscosity like oil.

Technical data:

Operation: 1 Person
Output: 1 to 2 pieces
Number of filling nozzles: 1 to 2 pieces
Filling volume: from 1 ml onwards
Air consumption: 3 m³ per hour
Air pressure: 3 bar
Weight: 4 kg

Type of construction and technology:

All machine parts are either made out of stainless special steel or high-grade plastics. The filling machine operates without any dripping. The mini proportioning machine AA1 is very simple to operate and easy to clean. Technical parameter as well as the materials used can be easily adjusted to the special requirements of our customers. Due to the ejector installed as a vacuum producer, it is possible to fill products that are highly combustible and explosive as well as media that are toxic and chemically aggressive.

Functional description:

The machine is designed in two functional variations:

1. Equipped with stationary filling nozzle: The ampules are to be inserted manually below the filling nozzle. After the liquid is bottled within few seconds, the ampules are to be taken away immediately.

2. Equipped with mobile filling nozzle: The mobile filling nozzle must be placed manually onto the ampules that are positioned on a pallet. After the filling process is finished, the filling nozzle must be removed.