Label applicator for small-diameter packings

Liberator applies a single label onto the entire circumfence of a cylindrical packing.

Two machine versions are available:

  • off line, supplied with labels from a container.
  • on line, integrated with a manufacturing line.

Technical data:

Label width: max. 96 mm
Label circumfence: max. 355°
Label application speed: max. 55 m / min
Drive – step motors: Berger SCHNEIDER 6,5 Nm, 55 m / min
Winder drive: BOSCH DC motors, 120 W
Label application accuracy: 0,6 mm
Label spool diameter: 40-76 / 300 mm
Controller: Microprocessor based
Label detector type: Thickness detector
Product detector type: Optical (reflecting)
Conveyor length: 800 mm
Conveyor width: 100 mm
Supply voltage: 230 V / 50-60 Hz, 0,8 KW
Weight: 60 kg
Capacity: Ca. 12.000 Etiketten / h