1. What products can be offered by JK-Maschinenbau?

    Our wide range of products offers semi and fully automatic filling machines for liquid food, cosmetic or chemical liquids, sealing or capping machines, labeling and packaging machines.

  2. Is a manufacturer’s warranty offered?

    All our products are granted with a 2-3 years warranty.

  3. How is the ordered product shipped?

    Our products can be picked up by the buyer. Furthermore, the dispatch can take place by a freight forwarder or delivery by our employees, who can install the machine on site.

  4. Where are the machines manufactured?

    All of our products are manufactured in the European Union. The main producing countries are Germany and Poland. Some installed components come from Japan, Italy and other countries. In that way we are constantly offering products of the highest quality.

  5. How long is the delivery schedule?

    Depending on the extend and complexity of the order the delivery time is three to five months ex works after receipt of order.

  6. What is the price of the machine composed of?

    The price of the machine depends on how complex the plant is, which bottles are filled, closed or labelled as well as the type of liquid and the materials used. The required output of the system also defines the price, for example whether a semi or fully automatic machine is required.

  7. What payment terms do you offer?

    As a payment method we offer bank transfer or cash payment within Europe. Outside Europe there is the possibility of a down payment of 90% or the processing by letter of credit.

  8. How is the commissioning procedure?

    Installation and commissioning depend on the complexity of the machine. All products have been tested before delivery. The semi-automatic machines are preset to the specific product, so that installation can easily be carried out by the buyer himself. On request, we offer our customers assembly, commissioning and training of the operating personnel by our employees.

  9. How does the ordering process work?

    The filling machines or other packaging machines can be ordered via email, fax or by mail. Our addresses are noted on the contact page.

  10. Where can I find the contact details?

    Customers can reach us by phone at +49 207 859, 0174 7780077 or by email via j.kmiecik@t-online.de or pwa@pwa-gmbh.com. On our contact page there is also a contact form on which the request can already be specified.

  11. What information is required in the inquiry?

    In order to find the best solution for our customers, please send us following information:

    • Which product will be filled or packed? We kindly ask for the specification of the product, i.e. density, viscosity, toxicity, flammability, explosiveness of the gases, filling environment. We also ask for sending us a product sample for testing.
    • Specification of the capping or closure *
    • Specification of the bottle or container *
    • Specification of the label *
    • Required filling or packing output in pieces or liters per hour, per month and per year
    • Do you request a semi or fully automatic machine?

    * We kindly ask to send us a product sample, a drawing or a photo.