Bottle Rinser

The semiautomatic Rinser type PB-1 is designed for rinsing various kinds of glass bottles.


The bottles are loaded manually on the nozzles with their opening showing downwards. After all nozzles are loaded a valve must be opened. The amount of the rinsing water is infinitely adjustable. Four separate controlled collectors extend the time of rinsing, so the bottles have a sufficient time to drip off. After dripping the bottles are taken from the rinser manually.

Technical data:

Operation: 1 person
Capacity up to 1.000 bottles / h
Overpressure of tap water: 2-3 bar
Water consumption: up to 0,3 l / bottle
Dimensions (L × B × H): 1.520 × 500 × 1.100 mm
Weight: 80 kg