The filling machine LiquiFill NU-6


The filling machine LiquiFill NU-6 is designed for the filling of wine, juice, oil, milk, alcohol and other liquid products belonging to the chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry. Also explosive and dangerous products that are difficult to fill can be bottled with our reliable system.

For the filling of combustible liquidities the filling machine can either be supplied with an explosion-proved vacuum pump or, should it be necessary, the machine may even be equipped with an injector.

Technical data:

Bottles/hour: up to 2.000 pieces
Numbers of nozzles: 2 to 6 pieces
Volume of bottles: 20 to 2.000 ml
Power consumption: 0,2 kW
Power supply: 1 phase – 230 V 50 Hz
Sound level: < 68 dB
Size (l × w × h): 700 × 470 × 800 mm
Weight: 62 kg

Type of construction and technology:

As the LiquiFill works without any overflow, high standards of hygienic conditions can be guaranteed during the filling process. The simple construction of the machine ensures easy cleaning.

In the standard edition all machine and panelling parts are made out of stainless high grade steel or plastics. Furthermore, we can also construct the machine according to the customers’ special requests.

Functional description:

The bottles are inserted manually on the supporting strip under the nozzles. The filling process starts and ends automatically.