MXD 50/120/270

Semiautomatic Piston Feeder

Usage and construction:

The semiautomatic filling machine MXD 50/120/270 is designed for the filling of different liquid products in various packings, e.g. glasses, jars, tubes etc. It is suitable for filling semifluid or viscous products like mayonnaise, mustard, honey, cosmetic creams, glue, ointment and other media without solid particles.

The filling takes place in a semiautomatic cyclic operation, whereas the bottles are loaded manually for the filling.

MXD 50/120/270 is a pneumatic driven piston dosage filling machine with one or two filling stations. All machine parts and elements are made of acid-proof steel.

Technical data:

Adjustable dosage: 20-50 cm³ at MXD 50
40-120 cm³ at MXD 120
70-270 cm³ at MXD 270
Dosage tolerance: 2 %
Air consumption: 1,2 m³ / h (with overpressure of 0.6 MPa)
Power supply: 220 V, 50 Hz
Voltage: 24 V
Funnel volume: 29 dcm³
Dimensions (l × w × h): 320 × 500 × 1.000 mm
Weight: 40 kg