MXR 500 ER

Piston Filling Machine

Usage and construction:

The semiautomatic filling machine MXR 500 ER is designed for the filling of liquid products in various glass or plastic packings and fulfils extreme long lasting life conditions.

It is suitable for the filling of chemicals for domestic purpose as well as cosmetic and food industry. All machine parts and elements are made of acid-proof steel.

MXR 500 ER is a piston dosage filling machine with 2 filling stations. As an option bottom filling is possible.

Technical data:

  • Stand-alone, easy movable machine on wheels.
  • The packings are loaded and unloaded manually; the filling is automatic.
  • Two dosing pumps are driven by a motorreductor.
  • The dosage system for the liquid is individually adjustable for each pump.
  • Infinitely regulation of the filling speed.
Pumps: 150÷500 ml
50÷250 ml
25÷150 ml
Dosage tolerance: 1,5 %
Capacity: up to 1.600 packings / h
Dimensions (l × w × h): 780 × 700 × 1.250 mm
Weight: 60 kg