Jetpack CC

Cost-effective printer and applicator

JetPack CC is a thermotransfer label printer module. It operates as an independent machine, or installed on a packaging machine, applies the print on products supplied from a conveyor. The applicator is capable of applying labels on the top as well as on the sides on the container.

JetPack CC is indispensable if additional data must be put on the labels. The thermotransfer technology provides 200 or 300 dpi resolution, and prints any data including variable barcodes, day/date, JPG images etc.

Technical data:

Label width: max. 110 mm
Label length max. 450 mm
Print resolution: 200 dpi (option: 300 dpi)
Port: RS 232, USB, (option: Ethernet, RS486)
Label application speed: 8-15 m/min
Drive – step motors: Berger SCHNEIDER 6,5 Nm, 55 m / min
Label application accuracy: 0,6 mm
Label spool diameter: 76 / 200 mm
Controller: Microprocessor based
Label detector type: Thickness detector
Product detector type: Optical (reflecting)
Supply voltage: 230 V / 50-60 Hz, 0,4 KW
Applicator head weight: 23 kg
Capacity: approx. 2,000 labels / h