High-speed label applicator for round packings

The standard model of our labeling machine has an integrated positioning unit as well as a bottle separator. The device is also equipped with a press which stabilizes bottles while labels are being applied. Thanks to the precision of locating the bottles, the labels are always evenly placed and look attractive for a potential customer. For higher convenience, the upper conveyor is mechanically connected with the transport conveyor.

The DUO labeling machine applies two or more labels of complicated shapes at a time. What is more, it is equipped with S2 labeling heads empowered by Schneider step motors. For higher durability, we produce the machine body from stainless steel. The DUO machine can also be enhanced with a printer module (for a bar code, a date and other changeable data) and/or a seal applicator head.

Our company always takes care of every single detail while producing filling and labeling machines, because we are aware that safety and efficiency are crucial for our clients. As a result, we are considered by them to be trustworthy and reliable. Our products can be either fully automatic or semi-automatic, depending on your needs and financial capabilities.

Technical data:

Label width: max. 96 mm (options: 156 or 216 mm)
Label length: max. 450 mm
Label application speed: max. 55 m / min
Drive – step motor: Berger SCHNEIDER 6,5 Nm, 55 m / min
Winder drive: BOSCH DC motors, 120 W
Main conveyor drive: Three-phase motors: BESEL / Motovario
Label application accuracy: 0,6 mm
Label spool diameter: 40-76 / 300 mm
Controller: Microprocessor based
Label detector type: Thickness detector
Product detector type: Optical (reflecting)
Conveyor length: 2.060 mm
Conveyor width: 160 mm
Conveyor operating speed: 13 v 19 m / min
Supply voltage: 380 V / 50-60 Hz, 0,8 KW
Weight: 375 kg
Capacity: approx. 9,000 labels / h